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Reach out to your debtors by all Possible Means

Prioritization and strategy for different levels of debtors

Keep Track of Conversations

Never Miss a Follow-Up (Promise to Pay)

Don't Waste time or Irritate your Paid Customers

Reach out to your debtors by all Possible Means

ALTERNATE NUMBER DIALLING : System can dial up to 5 Alternate Numbers.

MULTIPLE MEDIA NOTIFICATION : Can send reminders via Voice/SMS/Email.

AUTOMATIC SHUFFLING OF CALLER ID : Option to use SIM or PRI interface.


Prioritization And Strategy For Different Levels Of Debtors

TOOLS FOR BUCKET WISE DEBT COLLECTION: (Predictive/Progressive/Preview dialling methods for reaching debtors in various buckets.

PAYMENT CYCLE MANAGEMENT/BUCKET WISE CALLING: Debtor data will be called based on the set billing cycle.

DISPOSITION BASED DATA RECYCLING: Prioritization and Recycling of Data is done basis the disposition

Keep Track of Conversations

DEBTORS CALL HISTORY DISPLAY : System displays previous call details along with dispositions and comments.

STICKY AGENT : calls are sent to the same agent, who dialed or spoke to the debtors earlier.

DATABASE MANAGEMENT :Data can be uploaded/updated in Excel,CSV and API format.

promis to pay

Never Miss A Follow-Up (Promise to pay)

CALL BACK SCHEDULING : Agent can schedule the call back and get Automatic Notification when call is scheduled.

Don't Waste Time Or Irritate Your 'Paid' Customers

PAID CASE SEPARATION : Provisioning of payment data upload, and scrubbing of paid cases.


Automatic Call Distribution
Automatic Assignment of calls to the agents, so that each agent gets equal call load.
mis report
Complete and comprehensive reporting of your Agents, Calls, DID & Campaigns.
call barge in
Supervisor can listen to live calls and Agent can be trained on live call.
call and screen recording
Records all the Calls and agnet screens (100% Recording) for Training and Monitoring Purpose.
custom crm
External CRM
Inbuilt CRM displays customer details when call is connected.
monitoring tool
All Call Center Resources like Agents, Servers, Calls, Campaign Can be Monitored live.