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Audio conference applications are to make connections between separate parties of a conversation through a hosted voice connection. It can perform small group calls and is more commonly used to facilitate meetings and other communications related to a specific profession. Audio conference service acts as an effective tool for massive conversations and can hold communications between large groups. If you are running a call center of a certain organization then Deepaji solutions are the best option to connect with for several services along with audio and video conferencing. The main aim of audio conferencing is to aid companies that employ people who work from home, or those who communicate from diverse locations. They also simplify the process of making calls internationally by providing dial-in numbers. This aid eliminates the need for international phone calls by integrating with web-based solutions like a webinar.


  • Limitless and continuous services.
  • Good audio and video superiority.
  • Topmost security and safety.
  • Both mobile app and desktop interface.
  • Easy to contact even for a non-technical person.
  • Recording of all calls for training purpose
  • To hold multiple conference facilities is also available
  • Rejoin option in case of any emergency exit
  • Scheduling of the conference calls
  • Complete web management of the calls
  • Ask for permission to talk in a meeting
  • Hassle-free maintenance without a separate expert invention
  • Flexibility to add several participants in the ongoing meeting
  • Global network and access coverage

Conference calls are very imperative for business success, as they can impressively facilitate business communications. Business conference calls are essential in the same way conference phones are used for conversation. There are two categories of audio conference services.  Reservation less and Operator-assisted. Using the reservation less service you can host the conference call anytime 24*7. No advance scheduling is required in this type of calling service. 

While another is the conference call service that comprises a devoted representative to assist you to pre-plan your meetings that is why it is operator-assisted. It includes services like welcoming the participants during the meeting by an illustrator and providing the recording and dictation of the call. The advantages of this service are at par and also cost-effective ranges from free to $50 per month. Additionally, the pricing structure for the web conferencing services differs for each service provider depending upon their plans. Few companies will charge you on a per-call basis while others will charge a regular monthly fee.


Cloud Audio conferencing is the technical link that allows the users to conduct their meetings over PSTN media. Audio conference service provides a renowned quality of voice with the best features in the telecom industry. Nowadays this is the finest substitute for physical meetings. The interface of the audio conference is simple enough and users can join the conference within a few seconds after the dial. Conference calls help businesses to communicate between the clients and internal users. A business audio conference call is simply a telephone call involving multiple people. 

Conference calls have a high prominence in the business process as it permits people in different physical locations to participate in an audio conference at a planned time via telephone lines. Moreover, it helps resolve an urgent business issue that requires the input of several entities.

Overall, the audio conference service is a requirement of the business entity to manage the company professionally. Deepija solution can help you choose the best device as per your requirement.


TITLE- Give an aid to a call center with audio conference service in Dubai to fulfill your customer needs.

DESCRIPTION- The efficacy of the conference calls relies on the excellence of the device used. There are several features of audio conference service available in the market to choose from. 


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