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How much does it cost to set up a call center in Dubai?

Dubai is one of the most competitive markets in the World. The call center in Dubai for customer satisfaction is of utmost importance. Dubai Call Center includes Customer Call Handling, an important part of Dubai's customer service. Some of the businesses are still handling the calls manually due to the high cost of implementation of contact centers. But now even these Dubai Businesses are also requested to move their businesses for call centers by the Govt authorities. The customer is facing multiple cost factors for setting up a call center in Dubai.

Call center solutions in Dubai

1. Dubai Call Center Managers want to update their Call Center operations to be cutting-edge solutions but with cost-effective options.

2. Any client who is looking to set up a call center in Dubai must have the trade license of any emirate in Dubai.

3. Customers must have enough space in the office to set up a call center in Dubai. The Govt here has a set of rules based on the office space.

4. In telecommunication we have two players Etisalat and DU.

5. For setting up a basic call center in Dubai you would require a 10 channel PRI or SIP trunk; these trunks come with minimum charges per month which are 800 AED. It will not include any free minutes, you must take call charges to pack upon this.

6. The network Infrastructure in the office is a backbone for the Dubai Call center implementation. If you are starting a new setup then it is recommended to go for IP-based network infrastructure as most of the call center solutions now work on IP Platforms.

7. For the existing infrastructure clients there are hardware’s in the market which can help them set up the latest call center technology in Dubai using that hardware. 

8. Recruiting Agents for the  Dubai call center is another aspect where most of the investment is made. As Dubai is known for Excellence in Customer service you need world-class English and Arabic agents to take your customer calls. Companies here have to bear the Visa cost for the employee. A minimum salary of 3000 to 6000 AED would be an ideal salary for an agent. 

9. As the operations cost and telecom costs are expensive and customers here cannot compromise on that. The only way of saving cost will be on the Dubai Call center solutions. And other managed services.

10. Huge AMC costs from renowned brands like AVAYA, CISCO, NEC, UNIFY & MITEL ETC.

11. BPO is one set of options where small-scale customers go for this will help them to cut the huge operation and solutions cost. But they have to settle down with what BPO is offering as the BPO won’t make specific agents available for your process. In the technical term, they call it pool agents who are taking multiple calls from different entities.  This has its own drawbacks. And you cannot customize the Dubai Call center solution as per your need as these agents are already taking calls from multiple different processes.  

Advantages of call center set up 

 1. Customers can look for better offers from telecommunication vendors.

2. A call center solution that is versatile enough to work with the new and old technologies.

3. Call Center Solutions in Dubai must have an option to work under your existing infrastructure this will help a lot in saving networking and setting up costs.

4. Solutions must-have features that AVAYA, CISCO & NEC offer in other cost-effective solutions.

5. Due to this ongoing pandemic situation customers are looking for solutions that can work with the lowest and effective costing and Work from home options.

6. Customers are looking for a product that is versatile enough to integrate with their existing solutions like CRM, ERP, and Databases for a very minimum cost with top-quality development.

7. VPN Based multi-office call center solutions. This setup will help customers save the cost of the huge operation. You can set up your secondary call center in cities like India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Egypt, or Jordan.  The secondary call center agent will be able to take the load of UAE calls and they can even make outbound calls also.


How ConVox Contact Center helps in co-sourcing call center success?

 ConVox contact center solution is one of the leading solutions in the UAE contact center arena. It has been implemented for various contact centers in Dubai since 2014. A time-tested solution with all the above features and more. Some of the installations are given below.


Al Ramz Capital LLC is 20 users call center located in Abu Dhabi. Their business model is stockbroking, they are one of the major stockbrokers in Abu Dhabi. ConVox has done seamless integration with their existing Cisco PBX and a Call billing solution for the Unique Call routing. With Multi-channel options, Al Ramz handles their customer query from calls to email and Chat through the ConVox console.


Bloom Holdings – is a 10 user call center located in Abu Dhabi in two locations. A subsidiary of National Holding, Bloom Holding is one of the UAE’s foremost holding companies, committed to building, operating, and investing in premium communities and enriching the lives of our customers through the development and management of the real estate, education, and hospitality assetsConVox has done seamless integration with their existing Cisco PBX with customization of market-specific features like Sticky agents and other compliance features. They also have work-from-home agents who take the calls from their homes.


Intelligent Business Technologies (IBT) is a 35 user call center located in Dubai. IBT is a BPO company that works on more than 40 different processes catering to a huge number of clients. ConVox has helped them achieve queue-based routing for both incoming and outbound calls; this helps them to cater to multiple clients from a single agent. And they have a secondary office located in India with 20 Agents who take care of UAE calls also.  


UAE is a market where you can find all the major call center solutions from all over the world. Yet providing a customer-specific implementation is very difficult due to various reasons. It can only be achieved through a versatile product which is a complete IP-based solution but also, it should support all other media including Analog.  Integration is one aspect that rules the market for any product which has the ability to blend with other solutions. Irrespective of their technology, they hold the major success in the market. The cost factor is also another important aspect of the market.  ConVox is one of the products which has all the abilities mentioned above and can adopt, integrate or customize new technologies to help customers in a better way.



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