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 UAE represents the new innovations, New technology. UAE is one of the most advanced digital economies in the world, landing in the top 20 Globally and first in the middle east especially Dubai, anything innovative relating to Tourism, Healthcare, Food Chain, Transport, Real Estate Etc. Dubai leads far ahead than any other city in the world. They even have a Happiness ministry the complete body of that Ministry looks after the happiness of the people. Dubai is one of the customer experience excellence in the world. 

Why ConVox Call Center Solutions for Dubai Businesses?

Dubai is one of the most competitive markets in the World. Customer service and satisfaction are of utmost importance. Customer Call Handling is an important part of customer service. Some of the businesses are still handling the calls manually due to the high cost of implementation of contact centers. Other businesses, which are already running their customer communication through contact centers, have some specific expectations from the contact center setup. 

  1. Call Center Managers in UAE want to update their Call Center operations, but they don’t want to change the existing running infrastructure.
  2. Managers looking for business-specific multichannel is a growing demand.
  3. Dubai is an international market where we find numerous technologies from all over the world. IT managers have a tendency to continuously upgrade their capabilities. Therefore, integration with various new technologies is again a key challenge for contact center solutions.
  4. Managers look for a solution, which has an interoperable capability. And it should have an ability of different information systems, devices, and applications to access, exchange, integrate, and cooperatively use data in a coordinated manner
  5. Managers have a key set of regulations in the UAE to keep across various compliances.
  6. The limited number of telecom operators (Only DU and Etisalat) and limited service options (restricted VoIP) pose a challenge in the optimization of costs.

ConVox Dubai Call Center Solution capabilities.

  1. Seamless integration with the current infrastructure of contact centers. Most of the contact centers are reluctant to completely leave their existing infrastructure.
  2. Customer-specific deployments are the need of the hour.
  3. Complex requirements need Innovative solutions. A unique way of Callbacks, New types of Dashboards, Unique implementation of IVR Solutions, Unique ACD customization, Social networks integration, New Reports Etc.
  4. Integration with more than 10 different popular PBX brands and a complete Omni Channel solution, which integrates various media.
  5. A solution integrating with more than 10 different CRM, POS, Database, and other application services. EX: Microsoft Dynamics, Oracle, Squirrel POS, VIMS POS, Wave point, WhatsApp Etc.
  6. A Call center solution integrating with their existing PBX, existing CRM, existing database, and Social media channels. Various Integration points all with one Call Center solution.
  7. Various UAE compliance features for industries like Insurance, Stockbroking and healthcare Etc.

Customer Examples:

ConVox contact center solution is one of the leading solutions in the UAE contact center arena. It has been implemented for various contact centers in Dubai since 2014. A time-tested solution with all the above features and more. Some of the installations are given below. 


Al Ramz Capital LLC is 20 users call center located in Abu Dhabi. Their business model is stockbroking, they are one of the major stockbrokers in Abu Dhabi. ConVox has done seamless integration with their existing Cisco PBX and a Call billing solution for the Unique Call routing. With Multi-channel options, Al Ramz handles their customer query from calls to email and Chat through the ConVox console. 


Arada Development LLC – is 20 users call center located in Dubai & Sharjah. Their business model is Real estate selling their lavish villas. ConVox has done seamless integration with their existing Avaya PBX, Microsoft Dynamics, and also Whatsapp bot. With customization of market-specific features like Sticky agents and other compliance features.


Intelligent Business Technologies (IBT) is 35 users call center located in Dubai. IBT is a BPO company that works on more than 40 different processes catering to a huge number of clients. ConVox has helped them achieve queue-based routing for both incoming and outbound calls; this helps them to cater to multiple clients from a single agent. 

Dubai market and ConVox Solutions

UAE is a market where you can find all the major call center solutions from all over the world. Yet providing a customer-specific implementation is very difficult due to various reasons. It can only be achieved through a versatile product which is a complete IP-based solution but also, it should support all other media including Analog.  Integration is one aspect that rules the market for any product which has the ability to blend with other solutions. Irrespective of their technology, they hold the major success in the market. ConVox is one of the products which has all the abilities mentioned above and can adopt, integrate or customize new technologies to help customers in a better way.


--Rakesh More


Business Development.


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