2021-12-28 03:44:59

Deepija telecom has implemented its innovative business phone system to grow call centers. They are working with cloud call center over the years to meet increased sales demands and operational efficiency. However, with a large staff in the call centre and very few tools to reassess the business processes and productivity of a team, management renowned that some changes needed to be made. The initial assessment of the call centre operations publicized momentous limitations of restrictive infrastructure on employees’ productivity. To make safe the business process for future growth, the Deepija solution has appointed a call centre manager to update redundant and inefficient business procedures. It was also found by the company that the most resource rigorous and inefficient part of their infrastructure was an obsolete telephony system. The system did not allow flexibility or transparency within the call centre, making it hard to accept out where operational hitches could be easily rectified.

Since the implementation of Deepija’s Cloud-based business telephony system, distributors have experienced an exceptional improvement in operations of their call centre. The solution is inventive and offers full control over the telephone system. They are a provider of a cloud call center that is cost-effective and offers extraordinary control and automated functioning effectiveness. The solution offers a truly simple approach to managing communications across an increasingly mobile workforce. Flawless combination and automation make it simple for business processes to access insights, reports and improve the competence of communications. This new solution has reduced telephone costs drastically and enhanced the productivity of the call center.

Another major recurring problem he examined was incorrect orders being returned daily, which cost a lot of money and time to the business. Without a proper telephone system, could not identify the exact position of the problem that whether it is in its sales department or on the client-side. With the new cloud call center system, you can easily track the call recording; find the problem source and solution of the specific problem. It has greatly reduced the extra operating cost as this system does not necessitate heavy infrastructure setup and costly monthly line rentals for operation.

Moreover, with this assistance, you can simply generate reports about which users are the heaviest in call usage and then rationalize the costs to the financial manager with convincing and true data. This is now possible without searching through old-fashioned phone bills and waiting months to get accurate itemized billing. Call centers companies are not always aware of all their functioning inefficiencies until they get the insight data about how the business is going on. Without precise information, a business can't find solutions to these problems and manage liability at a coarse level. This needs huge attainment for any business with any more than five users. Deepija solution solves this widespread problem by putting the cloud call center in the business’s hands and offering full transparency. This makes sure businesses can make informed decisions that are a primary factor to great business management.

Overall, this new system helped the call centers as well as customers in many ways. For instance, now sales agents are already trained to assist clients who have more complex queries. The ability to identify the discrepancy and then understand it straight away is the main purpose of the call center otherwise functionality of the system is incredible. The cost of the solution was significantly less than any other system. 

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