ConVox Ez - Call Center WithOut Agent PC

Low Cost Predictive Dialing Solution for Telecalling

Working of call center without PC with ezee dialer

With proficiency in Telecom and software commerce, Deepija has developed a Call Center solution that works with a long-established analog phone as an agent workstation. The ezee dialer solution provides the most wonderful features of standard call center software with ease of setup and upholding.

The features of a call center solution include : Suitable for Cold Calling, The selling agency that sells direct as well as indirect, Call centers at a small scale, Marketing Campaigns, Finance Raising Projects.

Ezee dialer provider offers facilitates to the call centers with definite features

Automatic Call Distribution

The planned distribution of incoming calls for the agents to get an equal number of calls


Inclusive reports of the management including agents, calls and correlated campaigns

Convenient for agents and campaigns to monitor all call center resources
Call center without PC with ezee dialer provides the facility to schedule the customers with callback request
Supervisor can listen to live calls and Agents can be trained for a live call with ezee dialer as the manager does
All calls of the call center are recorded for quality training purposes
Marking support with disposition codes using telephone keypad of all completed calls
Predictive dialer tele calling campaign facility to get high agent productivity

Types of Outbound calls with ezee dialer

"Three types of dialling services provided by the solution to reach the customers efficiently are:" ‚Äč

Predictive Dialing: programmed dialing to connect to maximum calls.

Progressive Dialing: Preset dialing, controlled by agents to reach out to imperative customers.

Manual Dialing:Representative can type in the number and ezee dial.

Security aspects of ezee dialer provider

"To make sure the safety and reliability of your call center secure features are:"

Voice Encryption : To avoid intrusion voice can be encrypted between server & agent.

Session Handling : No user has the right to view the reports without the login of the supervisor.

No Data Injection : Inoculation of the call center data is prevented in MYSQL Server.

Cross Site Attack : All applications of ezee dialer are protected against cross-site attack.