Call center solutions for Health care

Call center software assistance for health care

Proving help to the needy requires a vigorous and trustworthy solution. Call ceter solutions for health care to provide the best performance in critical situations. It is the finest solution for scheduling medical appointments as well as for following up on the patient’s treatment progress. A healthcare association must be equipped with the right tools to give the best treatment to the patients. Hospitals are using an interactive voice response system for validating as well as rearranging an appointment of patients.

Deepija has assisted the health care centers with a card of health insurance from the Star Health and Allied Insurance Company Limited to all its employees. Hence call center software for health care giving is a well feasible guard to all the workers of Deepija solutions.

About the customer of the call center health care

Deepija solution is providing services to L V Prasad Eye Institute that is a comprehensive eye health provision placed in Hyderabad. It is a collaborating centre for preventing blindness with World Health Organization. The Institute provides complete care with enhancement of sight and rehabilitation services to the patients suffering from eye problems. Call center software for health care offers high-impact rural eye health programs to healthcare organizations to extend their presence in the virtual world.

Problem with the health care institutes – The problem with the health care institution is to handle an enormous number of appointment calls of patients. As a result, inefficient call handling results in more time per call.

Solution provided by Deepija– L.V. Prasad Eye institute uses Deepija’s interactive voice response system application incorporated with call ceter. Call center solutions for health care assist for central management of preparing medical schedules for all their branches.

Benefits provided by call center solutions

They have a well-managed appointment process with IVRS integrated with call center software for health care. Now the patients are delighted as they get the essential appointment information on call all the time. The number of call followers at the hospital is now reduced to half with a lesser workload.

Features of the call center solutions

Handling the appointments of patients
With the help of call center solutions hospitals now receive calls for the appointment of calls with pathology assistants and doctors.
Blue code solution for health care
Call center solution for health care can help in connecting committed Patient Review Instruments. This feature of the solution works from the EPBAX system or GSM gateway.
Intelligent Call Routing
For routing a call there is an address book available on the screen. Whenever an agent gets the pop-up of a call then he can forward the call by the dropdown option on the screen.
Emergency Call Handling
Emergency calls need to be handled without delay no matter how busy the reception desk of the call center is. Deepija solution ensures this call handling.
The call center software for health care has an inbuilt advanced IP-PBX system. With the help of that, you can use all features as well as can get a huge cost saving. You can seamlessly use all features without using anyother PBX.
Video recording and feedback system
This can assist in live video interaction between doctor and patient. After that patients are allowed to provide their valuable feedback at any time.
Report of the agent’s performance
This feature is to track all the reports of the agent like hourly and daily performance reports, monthly real-time screen reports.
Feedback System
Patients can provide their valuable Feedback at any time any where during On Call Services.