ConVox Dialer for Android App

Call centers with android application

The hosted android dialer is a call center solution that runs on the application as a server and agent machinery as a client. This android app offers an android based agent workstation to call centers. Therefore a representative can use an android smartphone as his workstation to run the call center. They do login into a hosted server.

The hosted android dialer provider is best suitable for call center with remote agents. It is also a helping hand for call center with a manifold branch office, field sales, compilation & authentication agents, scheduled time reminders, escort generation.

Features of the call center provider are

Roaming users and remote agents
Using these solutions agents of the call center can log in anywhere using the internet.
Inclusive and complete management reports of agents, calls and campaigns can be prepared with hosted android dialer.
All the calls, servers, resources as well as agents can be observed live.
This facility displays the details of the customers when connected to a call.
Recording call facility
All the calls can be recorded for training purposes.
Finished calls of the call center can be marked with disposition codes.

Benefits of hosted android dialer provider to the call center

Redundancy of data

Data can be stored at several locations.

24 * 7 availability

Support center available all time.

No botheration of maintenance

hosted android dialer provider offers devoted customer relationship and safeguarding on time.

Cost Effectiveness

Expensive hardware and maintenance experts are not required.


Flexibility of conducting conferences from 3 to 3000 users.


Provides flexibility of conducting conference at any point of time.


  • Users 1 - 5
  • HDD Space - 200 GB
  • MIS Reports Availability - 3 Months
  • Dedicated PRI - No
  • Dedicated Hardware - No
  • Customization - On Demand
  • CRM integration - On Demand


  • Users 5 - 10
  • HDD Space - 500 GB
  • MIS Reports Availability - 3 Months
  • Dedicated PRI - On Demand
  • Dedicated Hardware - No
  • Customization - On Demand
  • CRM integration - On Demand


  • Users 10-100
  • HDD Space - 50 GB per user
  • MIS Reports Availability - 6 Months
  • Dedicated PRI - Yes
  • Dedicated Hardware - On Demand
  • Customization - On Demand
  • CRM integration - On Demand