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What is IP-PBX

An IP PBX is a telephony system that completely provides telephone calls over data networks of the internet protocol. IP-PBX provider offers the most superior characteristics in the industry of private branch exchange. The system can be incorporated, linked and work along with the external working of PBX.

Features of IP-PBX system

Voice Mail
Voice mail- When nobody is available in the call center to receive a call then a caller can leave a voice message.
Follow Me
Follow me trait- This feature enabled the call center calls to be forwarded to other extensions when the agents are busy and calls are not answered.
Call detail record- Comprehensive record of all calls, extensions and billing system is provided by IP-PBX provider.
IVR facility- It is self-service for a caller to take input for forwarding the call.
Web Management
Management through the internet- for easy management of call and configuration browser-based access is available.
Global Directory
Directory for all- Contacts is visible globally to all users in the system.
Call Forwarding
Calls are forwarded to Mobile Number or other extensions when user not available.
Conference facility- Internal as well as external conference calls can be made with the assistance of the IP-PBX system.

Interaction with users through browser

SMS : Short messaging service to individual group

Manage Contacts : Contact groups can be created or managed

Fax : Fax can be sent and received through the IP-PBX system

Chat :Chatting access with other extensions

Email : Email can be sent to individuals and groups


Follow Me :Call that is not answered can be forwarded to another number of extension

Extension Phone : For making an extension with IP-PBX no external hardware is required

No Extension Hardware In Server : No additional hardware needed on the server side for more extension.

Extension Rights Control :External rights can be defined like allow call recording, call forwarding, call conference, email, and fax or web login.


"Make a connection with your customer solutions"

Customization : Customise the interaction according to the requirement of the business process

PBX Integration : Customer solution can be incorporated to any external PBX on standard interface

Email Integration :Emails and short messages can also be integrated with the IP-PBX provider

SMS Integration :SMS can be integrated with ConVox IP-PBX.


"IP-PBX is there to ensure the security of your call center"‚Äč

Highly Secure Access :Restricted used rights and typing of password is masked

Voice Encryption : Snooping is avoided between servers and agents by IP-PBX with voice encryption

Session Handling :Without admin login, no user is allowed to view the reports

No Data Injection : Injection of data is protected with My SQL server

Cross Site Attack : Applications are secured against cross-site attack

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ'S)

What is Call Center software?

Ans : Call center software is a solution that helps a call center to manage its operations therefore increase the efficiency, effectiveness and get the best productivity from call center agents. Call center agents can access the right information and knowledge about a customer's history to improve the overall customer experience.

What is the benefit of call center software?

Ans : Call Center software serves as a backbone of customer communication. It helps to increase overall productivity and enables agent to handle both incoming and outgoing calls in an efficient manner.It also enables easy tracking of calls for quality of service.

What is the purpose of call center solution?

Ans : Call center solution is used for improving customer experience and to increase the productivity of a call center by enabling with the proper information. It also enables live monitoring, call barge-in, call coaching and MIS of agents.

What is ACD in a call center software?

Ans : Automatic Call Distribution or ACD, is a module commonly available in a call center software. It is a business logic to distribute incoming calls to contact center agents or employees with specific skills to handle a large volume of inbound calls.

What is Call Queue in a call center software?

Ans : A call queue places incoming calls in line to be answered while agents are busy with other calls. The queued calls are distributed to the next available agent in the order received.We can route the incoming calls to different queues based on the preference defined.

What is meant by Auto dialing / Predictive Dialing in a call center dialer?

Ans : The predictive dialer predicts, when an agent will be free to take the call. Predictive Dialer in a call center software, dials the call for an agent before he is free, to make sure that he gets a call just after finishing exiting call. Thus ensuring agent is busy most of the time and get more productivity.

What is the maximum pacing allowed in ConVox call center dialer?

Ans : Pacing ratio is proportional to the number of calls dialed by a predictive dialer for a free agent. ConVox call center dialer allows upto 10 pacing.

What is meant by Progressive Dialing in a call center dialer?

Ans : On completing the previous call (or moving from "Wrap-up" to "Go ready") the Call Center Dialer automatically dials the next number on the list.

What is preview dialing in a Call Center Dialer?

Ans : Preview Dialing is a dialing mode of Call Center Dialer. In Preview dialing mode, the agent can see the customer details before calling. He can place a call by clicking the dial link available in the data points in selective way from the uploaded data.

Does ConVox Call Center Software ensures 100% call recording (voice Logging) in call center? How can admin download the recordings?

Ans : Yes, ConVox Call Center Software ensures 100% call recording (voice Logging) . Admin can download the call recordings from call recording report.

Does ConVox Call Center Solution support Barge-In and Hot Transfer in a call center?

Ans : Yes,ConVox Call Center Solution supports Barge-In and Hot Transfer.

Can Agent schedule call backs in ConVox Call Center Software?

Ans : ConVox Call Center Software allows agent to set call backs and even shows the list of call backs so that agent can call customer on time.

Will ConVox Call Center Solution supports blended call center operations?

Ans : Yes ,ConVox Call Center Solution supports Incoming,Outgoing and Blended call center.

Can we monitor all call center agents in real time in ConVox Call Center Solution?

Ans : ConVox Call Center Solution has inbuilt dashboards and wallboards which display the information of all the agents in a call center.

How do I Manage multiple IVR in ConVox call center software?

Ans : ConVox call center software allows user to create multiple IVR and Sub-IVR in an easy to operate GUI

Is Scheduler option available in ConVox call center solution?

Ans : Yes,Scheduler option is available in ConVox call center solution.

What do you mean by Number Masking in ConVox call center solution?

Ans : ConVox call center solution provides a unique feature which masks client mobile number on agent screen to ensure database security.

What do you mean by dynamic CRM in ConVox call center solution?

Ans : ConVox call center solution has an inbuilt module where user can create his/her custom CRM template as per process requirement. Same will pop-up on agent screen when a call is given to the Call Center Agent.

Will ConVox Call Center Solution allow user to activate and upload DNC(Do Not Call) number?

Ans : ConVox Call Center Solution allows user to activate and upload DNC(Do Not Call) number.

What is average talk time or average handling time (AHT) in a call center solution?

Ans : Average Talk Time or average Handling Time in a call center solution is the interaction time spent with a client on an average.