IVRS Virtual receptionist

what is a Virtual Receptionist

In a telephony system, an IVR service provider is a phone technology that enables the computer to detect the voice and tones with the help of a normal phone call.

This response system allows the callers to respond with pre-recorded audios to guide them on how to proceed further.

AN IVR system can be used to organize any function when a link is wrecked with a simple menu series of options.

IVRS providers can be scaled to handle a large volume of calls after installation.

Features of IVRS provider

Multitasking and multithreading facilities can be handled simultaneously of four analog or thirty digital channels.

An incoming ring can be detected automatically by making a connection in response to the signal of the ring

IVR services provider can handle the calls 24*7 all through the year

Provides the support of multiple languages to the users

Proficient in working with all exchange types on vice lines or trunk lines. Moreover, an IVR service can work with any telecom operator and land-line network.

Provides call statistics and customized report.

ODBC support for accessing all kind of standard database.

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