Telecom Software Development

Expertise in telecom domain

Telecom software development is the mainstay activity of Deepija solutions and the main competency lies in telecom application progress. We have proved our capabilities in telecom software development by developing a variety of flourishing products in the telecom industry. Furthermore, our produces can be customized to mould into the solutions, which precisely suites the needs of the customer.

Telecom Domain Expertise

Deepija has a team of experts with long industry experience, who can analyze the communication requirement of your call centre. They can study your active techniques and come out with the best solutions.

Open Source research and development power

When it comes to the price effectiveness of a solution, the power of open source comes to the front. Deepija’s R&D team designs the inventive solutions by tying together the probability of Asterisk, Apache, GNU, PHP, My SQL, Sugar customer relationship management and many more. Most of the solutions of telecom software development are advanced on the Linux platform, which helps in cost-saving and provides a secure virus-free environment.

Economical software for the telecom industry

Deepija delivers reasonably priced solutions with no conciliation with excellence. Our solution experts help customers to save on production and progress costs.

The focus of customers on the telecom software development

We believe that customer support is the most vital aspect of the product life cycle. Each solution can be customized to suit the business process of our customers. Our expert consultant always gives personal attention to each customer. Their accountability towards their customers is not only promoting and selling their solutions but also making sure that they contribute the best in overall efficiency for the clients.