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Telecom Application Solutions

Solution for the telecom industry

Deepija solutions have provided call center software for telecom that is a comprehensive customer interaction management solution. This is specially customized to suit and address call center requirements effectively and efficiently.

Premise Based Solution

Dialing is done through server at DSA premise.

Solution is available with/without PC at the agent desk .

Centralized Dialing Solution

Dialing is made via centralized servers that are subscribed by small (less than 25seats ) DSAs .

Agents get the call connection on their smartphones.

Centralized Monitoring And Reporting

Dashboards and controls are prearranged to "Country Level", "Telecom Circle Level" and "DSA Level".

Real-time reports are also provided at all three levels of calls, agent login and sales are given.

Features of the call center software

To provide self-service facility to callers for call routing
All campaigns, calls, servers, agents and resources are lively monitored
All call center calls are recorded for training purpose
Web portal is provided by call center software for telecom to schedule, monitor and manages accounts
Single Number
Single number of users to all types of calls
Missed Call Handling
When calls are not answered due to the busy schedule of agents then the software handles the missed calls too.