ConVox Voice Logger

Proven, Robust Recording for Diverse Interaction – Capture Needs

Voice logger from Deepaji solutions for your call center

Deepaji presents a voice logger application used to record incoming and outgoing calls from any telecom communiqué gadget. Moreover, it is a multi-channel voice logging tool that is used for quality control training and legal interception of calls.

Features of a voice logger application

Call Data Reports
A complete and comprehensive record of all calls of the call center
Web Management
Web-based management for easy configuration.
Call Recording
All calls recording (100% Recording).
Monitoring Tools
Tools to monitor the calls, PRI and all call center resources


"Bridging relations with existing customers"

Customization : Customization of all using voice logger according to the requirement of business process

PBX Integration : Integration of calls from private branch exchange on primary rate interface

Security and integrity aspects

"To ensure security and integrity of your call center"​

Highly Secure Access : Highly secures access of users with masked password

Voice Encryption : Voice encryption between server and agents to stay away from snooping

Session Handling : Handling of call sessions of users with admin login only

No Data Injection : Prevention of data injection in MY SQL server

Cross Site Attack :Voice logger protects applications against site assault